Info About Towns (READ ME!)

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Info About Towns (READ ME!) Empty Info About Towns (READ ME!)

Post  DB on Tue Apr 12, 2011 9:15 pm

This Forum is dedicated to the Official Towns of MineCraft AD. After getting permission from a MOD or ADMIN in-game, you can then post a new topic under the "Towns" forum with all kinds of information regarding your Official Town. This may include, but is not limited to some of the following:
*Screenshots of your town.
*A video tour of your town.
*Information regarding available plots in your town.
*Information regarding rules endemic to your town.
*The name of your town warp.

In order to be an official town, your town must:
Exclamation Look representable.
Exclamation Have a spawn area with rules and a sign that states the mayor.
Exclamation Have plots for users to purchase/build on.
Exclamation Have at least one city building. (Jail, Mayors Office, Town Hall, etc.)
Exclamation Have official addresses for plots posted at all times.

**Remember to gain permission before posting a topic, otherwise it will be removed.
**Warps can be obtained by a MOD or ADMIN in-game.

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