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Post  DB on Fri Apr 08, 2011 9:14 pm

MCAD is a great community-based server that offers a lot to its users. It is a place where minecrafters from all around the world can gather together and help create the perfect Minecraft community that is pleasing to everyone. There is a lot of open space for you to start your own city, or you can talk to a city owner about living within one of our protected cities, which has its own benefits such as: convenient location near all of the public attractions, protected areas so others can't destroy your builds, and access to public storage areas or forges. MCAD has a lot to offer to its users and we want you to be a part of this great Minecraft experience!

Please take time to visit the forum titled "Builder Request Format" and read about how to obtain Builder status at MCAD. Our website is the only way to get added to the list, so follow the instructions found there.

There is a rank system that is in place and more commands are available to those of higher rank. Go up in rank by showing dedication and interest in the server, and spending time on the server.

MCAD Has A Lot To Offer It's Users Like:
[*]Many Places To Live Within The Protected Cities.
[*]LOTS Of Room To Start Your Own City, Or Secluded Hideaways.
[*]A Simple, Yet Significant Rank System For Climbing To The Top Of The Community.
[*]Fun & Cool Places To Go Like "Fun Island" and "Necropolis".
[*]A Secure And Friendly Community To Build Your Creations In.

And Finally, the server ip and time information:
Server IP:
Server Status: ONLINE!
Server Broadcasting Time: 24/7!

See you on the server!

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