Info About Donations (READ ME!)

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Info About Donations (READ ME!) Empty Info About Donations (READ ME!)

Post  DB on Thu May 05, 2011 9:41 pm

Donation Information!

Click ME To Donate!

Donations that are made toward MCAD go into making a better Minecraft experience for you and other users here at MineCraft AD! Donations go toward some specific things like:
Arrow Upgrading the server connection speed
Arrow Adding more memory to the server
Arrow Adding more worlds to the server
Arrow Reducing server lag
Arrow Increasing the player limit
Arrow Adding to the server's Funding Goal

No one is required to donate; however, there are special benefits that come with each donation that you make. The different levels of Donors can be found here. Some of the benefits may include the following:

Arrow A Special [$] Donors Tag In-Game, Or A Custom Tag!

Arrow Ability to FLY in the creative world!

Arrow Access to special commands that other players don't have!

Arrow A Spot On The Server Reserve List! (Can Join Anytime Past Max Player Limit)

Arrow Overall Increase In Trust And Respect Among Players And Administration!

Guests may donate $5.00 USD or more to be permitted to bypass the photo portion of the builder request. In order to be eligible, you MUST follow some simple guidelines to ensure that your money goes to the right place:
1. Make a note on your Builder Request Form that you donated.
2. Donate BEFORE you submit your Request Form to be sure the transaction occurs before an Admin checks your request.
3. Leave a PayPal comment with your information (such as your IGN) as proof that the donation is yours.

**All Players: Be sure to add your IGN to the PayPal comments to ensure that you receive credit for your donation.

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