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Server Rules! (READ ME!) Empty Server Rules! (READ ME!)

Post  DB on Sat Mar 26, 2011 8:55 pm

All users must accept & follow ALL of the following rules. These rules apply to the whole server, but each individual town may have its own set of rules posted in-game that also must be followed. Failure to comply with any of the rules may immediately result in BAN without warning.

If you are unsure or don't understand any of the rules, please post a reply on THIS topic that clearly states what isn't understood. This is very important, for breaking rules on purpose or "accidentally" isn't tolerated.

Pre-Registration Rules
Exclamation Read ALL sections of the forums before asking questions about something that has already been explained!
Exclamation Don't repeatedly bother the Administration about promoting you in-game! Simply follow the procedure you won't have any issues.
Exclamation Read ALL of the signs at spawn & the rules on this page before registering and applying for builder status.
Exclamation Remember that MCAD is for MATURE players only! If you are not mature, or are inexperienced, this is not the place for you.
Exclamation Post pictures for you builder request form that show off a specific talent, not just a random build that required little effort.

General Server Rules
Exclamation Don't break the rules!
Exclamation Respect all players and their property!
Exclamation Do not use any of the blacklisted items!
Exclamation No hacking/cheating! (FlyMod, Invedit, Other Inventory Editors, et cetera...)
Exclamation If it isn't yours, leave it alone!
Exclamation Do not ask for items to be spawned!
Exclamation Do not ask Mods & Admins to do things for you! (Clear land, build, etc.)
Exclamation KEEP OUT of the following places unless invited:
1. Users' Homes!
2. Admins' Homes!!
3. Posted Construction Zones!
Exclamation Keep architecture looking nice and professional!
Exclamation If Large Areas Of Land Are Cleared, (Especially Near Mountains) Terra-Form The Land To Make It Look Natural!
Exclamation No 1x1 Towers Or Holes!
Exclamation No Cursing In Excess. It Just Gets Irritating After A While.
Exclamation Ask A Town Owner Before Building In Or Near Their Town!
Exclamation Builds That Are Unattractive, Obstructive, Or Violate The Rules May Be Voided By Administration!

User Behavior Toward Administration Rules
Exclamation Respect & Appreciate All Moderators [M] And Administrators [ADMIN]!
Exclamation What A Administration Member Says, Goes! No Exceptions!
Exclamation Do NOT Argue Or Provoke Argument With A Member Of Administration!
Exclamation Appreciate All Of The Things That Your Administration Does For You & Don't Give Them Any Trouble.
Exclamation Listen to the Admins and Moderators; they know what is best.

Minecart Rules
Exclamation Do NOT Leave Minecarts On Any Tracks Anywhere On The Server! They Get In The Way & Stop Other Carts.
Exclamation Report To A MOD If There Are Unused Carts On The Tracks; Do NOT Remove Them Yourself!
Exclamation Do NOT Walk On Any Minecart Tracks At Any Time!
Exclamation Do NOT Build Anything That May Obstruct Or Interfere With Any Tracks!

Economy Rules
Exclamation Do NOT ask to buy items! Use the various trade hubs around MCAD!
Exclamation Do NOT sell blacklisted items to gain money! (See "Blacklisted Items" post)
Exclamation Item selling is restricted to the sell signs in the trade centers around MCAD.
Exclamation Admins/Mods reserve the right to freeze accounts or halt sales at any time without reason.

Blacklisted Items
Blacklisted items are items that are a violation of the rules at MCAD. It is illegal to possess, craft, or sell these items. The blacklisted items at MCAD include the following items/blocks:
Arrow TNT
Arrow Bedrock
Arrow Fire
Arrow Lava
Arrow Lava Bucket
Arrow Flint + Steel

If you are caught using or associating with any of these items at MCAD, you may be banned and your account may be cleared from the server data. Do NOT attempt to avoid being caught; you WILL get caught! Report the illegal use/possession of these items to the Admins/Mods. If you want to obtain these items for decoration purposes, please ask a Mod/Admin in-game.

Creative World Rules
Exclamation You MUST CLAIM your creative builds with signs! (Claimed By: Yournamehere)
Exclamation Anything that isn't claimed will be VOIDED by administration!
Exclamation Homes cannot be set in the Creative World!
Exclamation No small structures or anything that could easily be replicated in the Main World!
Exclamation Pixel art is allowed and encouraged in the Creative World, but not other worlds!
Exclamation Redstone circuit testing is permitted in the Creative World.
Exclamation Other than redstone circuitry, everything else must be kept nice and neat!

Ventrilo Rules
Exclamation No cursing in excess. Please show maturity.
Exclamation No spamming or loud noises allowed.
Exclamation If asked to leave the server by a staff member, do so without argument.
Exclamation Staff members may ask you to leave if you cause severe feedback for the server.

**Breaking the server rules can result in a temporary & sometimes permanent BAN, and invalidates any chance of being promoted! Read the FAQ's for more info on banning!

**Don't waste your time and our time with arguing or denying having broken a rule. We have logs of EVERYTHING, so simply obey the rules or suffer the repercussions.

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